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This week’s post marks the unwelcome return to a subject covered last year.  I will admit it falls under the category of a minor irritation and will not mark the end of your career prospects as you know them, however it is something that is so easily rectified it infuriates me as to why it should ever come up.  But it does.

It is the questionable email address to which I refer, hotlips@ boyracer@ kingoftheworld@.  Really!  Now I understand that, personal email addresses are just that, personal, and for obvious reasons you are probably not going to be brandishing your work email address to recruiters or potential employers, but a little thought to your audience would not go amiss.

It is about those all important first impressions much like ensuring you are dressed the part for an interview. Making sure you create the right image of your professional self should be extended to all areas of your job search.

So whatever the cute pet name, the university nickname or other comedy variations you may have for your email address it should most definitely be reserved for your friends and online shopping accounts and not for your job hunt or CV!

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