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  Excuses, Excuses!


Excuses, Excuses!     

This week for Career Clinic we make a return to the recruiter bugbears.  For all the comments, media coverage and political point scoring on the recovery of the economy we are all still in a competitive job market, and much like the article we posted not so long ago on taking the ostrich approach to rejecting offers ( using the just don’t turn up approach to interviews, registrations or temporary bookings is also ill advised.  It really does not inspire confidence, trust or a sense of professionalism in you or your skill set.

Okay sometimes there is a valid reason for not turning up, but is there really ever a valid excuse for not picking up the phone and letting someone know that you are not able to attend? 

Over the years we have heard some cracking reasons for not arriving for appointments or bookings, so for a bit of Friday fun we have complied a list of the top excuses used and some of the more outrageous excuses we have heard.

Happy Friday!

Top 5 excuses for not turning up

  • I have had a family emergency / situation
  • I have a doctor / dentist appointment I forgot about
  • I have another interview I have to attend at the same time
  • I completely forgot / didn’t write it in my diary
  • I have come over ill / stomach bug overnight
  • My trains are delayed / cancelled
The weird and wonderful - hand on heart these are all true!
  • I’ve won the lottery so not looking for work - we sent a card to congratulate her and it turns out she was lying – she in fact stayed at her current job and did not want to move
  • I’ve lost my shoes so could not leave the house.
  • I followed your directions but could not find your office so I went home
  • I had to take apart my kitchen to find my son’s hamster who had escaped
  • I’ve been bitten by squirrel
  • I suffer with travel sickness so can only get on a train 2 days in a row and my interview was on day 3 so I could not go

So please, please let us know if you cannot attend a meeting / interview – and just be truthful Believe me, it is the best policy!

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